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Chelsio T520-SO-CR Dual-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter SFP+

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High Performance, Dual Port 10GbE Ethernet Adapter

Chelsio’s T520-SO-CR is a memory free dual-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Unified Wire adapter with a PCI Express 3.0 host bus interface, optimized for cloud computing, virtualization, storage, and other data center applications. This adapter, based on the fifth-generation (T5) technology from Chelsio provides the highest 10GbE performance available and dramatically lowers host-system CPU communications overhead with on-board hardware that off-loads TCP/IP processing from its host system. T520-SO-CR frees up host CPU cycles for useful applications. The system achieves increased bandwidth, lower latency, and uses less power.

T520-SO-CR integrates a high performance packet switch, which allows switching traffic from any of the input ports to any of the output ports (wire-to-wire) and from any of the output ports to any of the input ports (host-to-host).

Key Features:

  • 3.9-inch Length, Low-Profile Standard Form Factor
  • PCI Express 2.1 (2.5GT/s or 5GT/s)
  • 4 RJ-45 ports
  • Intel® I/O Acceleration Technology (I/O AT)
  • VMDq, Next-Generation VMDq, and PC-SIG SR-IOV for Virtualized Environments
  • Jumbo Frame Support up to 9.5KB
  • IEEE 802.3az – Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
  • Low Power Consumption (5W Typical)
  • SCSI Remote Boot Support
  • Flexible I/O Virtualization and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • PXE Boot Support
  • RoHS compliant 6/6


Host Interface

  • PCI Express Gen 3 x8
  • MSI-X, MSI and support for legacy pin interrupts

UDP/IP & Multicast Offload

  • UDP Sockets API
  • Low user-to-user latency
  • Multicast replication on ingress or egress


  • 128 Virtual and 8 Physical functions
  • 144 port virtual switch
  • EVB, VEPA, Flex10, VNTag
  • 512 virtual MAC addresses
  • Offload 802.1 Qbg/h


  • Full HBA FCoE (Initiator or Target)
  • CRC32 offload generation & verification
  • Ingress & Egress ACL (Access Control List)
  • T10 DIF/DIX support


  • Full iSCSI initiator and target mode stack
  • CRC32 offload generation & verification
  • iSCSI proxy switching based on SCSI CDB
  • T10 DIF/DIX support

TCP/IP Full Offload

  • Full TCP implementation including IPv4 & IPv6
  • Extensive RFC compliance, fully featured stack
  • Full TCP Proxy between any set of connections
  • VLAN support up to 4096 VLAN IDs
  • Load balancing and Fail-over capabilities

Stateless Offloads

  • TCP/UDP checksum offload for IPv4 & IPv6
  • TSO, LSO, and GSO for IPv4 & IPv6
  • VLAN filtering, insertion & extraction
  • Line rate packet filtering and attack protection
  • Fine granularity time stamping (down to 2ns)
  • Ethernet Routing (packet header rewrite)
  • Packet Tracing and Packet Sniffing


  • IEEE 802.3ae (10 GbE)
  • IEEE 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet)
  • IEEE 802.3z (1 GbE)
  • IEEE 802.1P priority
  • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging
  • IEEE 802.1Qbg EVB/VEPA
  • IEEE 802.Qhn VNTag
  • IEEE 9-2/1Qg/h Congestion Notification
  • IEEE 802.3x flow control
  • IEEE 802.3ad load-balancing and failover
  • Ether II and 802.e encapsulated frames
  • Multiple MAC addresses per interface
  • Jumbo Frames up to 9.6Kbytes

Physical and Environmental

  • Physical Interface: 10GBASE-SR or LR*
  • Connector: LC Duplex
  • Media: MMF or SMF
  • Dimensions without bracket: 6.6 in. x 2.7 in. or 16.76 cm x 6.88 cm
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 55ºC or 32 to 131ºF
  • Operating Humidity: 5 to 95%
  • Airflow: 200 lf/m
  • Typical power consumption: 9W

*SFP+ optics sold separately. Only Chelsio-supplied modules may be used.


SM10G-SR:10G short-reach SFP+ optic module
TAPCABLE1M:Twinax passive cable,1M
SM10G-LR:10G long-reach SFP+ optic module
TAPCABLE3M:Twinax passive cable, 3M
SRCABLE3M:Fibre optic cable, 10GBASE-SR, 3M
TAPCABLE5M:Twinax passive cable, 5M
LRCABLE3M:Fibre optic cable, 10GBASE-LR, 3M


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